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The MacWorld SF Keynote

Ok, to be fair, this was principally cool. The new iLife software, while vaguely reminiscent of AT&T's mLife if a nice integration, Safari and Keynote look cool (though right now Safari isn't supporting Hotmail), and the new PowerBooks are interesting. I am the creator of I@W, though, and thus, must nitpick. Thus, here are the Top 10 Gaffe's in Stevie Boy's keynote.

10. He began by talking up Japan iPod sales, which intimates that U.S. sales must not be impressive enough to show.

9. Early on, Job introduced iPod-friendly clothing - another sign that Gap is taking over the world. Steve said that the iPod ski jacket will be available everywhere next year, yet somehow the jacket is a limited edition. Oh, and it's $499.

8. By reporting that he knows that 68% of people who check out the Apple Switcher site are Windows, Steve admits that They are watching, and collecting personal data. Sounds a little too much like the Evil Empire (aka Microsoft).

7. Speaking of the Evil Empire, maybe we should rethink extending the Office Party promotion - collusion with the Evil Empire is never a good thing.

6. Every time Steve Jobs says a product is "hot", he sounds gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that. It is MacWorld San Francisco.

5. JagWYRE, JagWYRE, JagWYRE. English, English, English.

4. Steve, as always, talked about new products being "the biggest in history", as if computers as we know them have been around since the Paleolithic.

3. Safari could get Apple sued by O'Reilly. O'Reilly already has an online data retrieval system called Safari.

2. The iMetaphor mentioned in the Safari presentation (Jobs referred to the brushed metal skin used in most current iApps as a "metaphor") - Steve-o, metaphors are language tools, not iTools.

1. Vern Troyer and Yao Ming in a commercial together? Way to piss off the tall and the small.

That's all folks. Comment, or add your own. This will also appear in this week's issue of I@W.
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