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Another week in tech support

I guess today was my day to accidentally insult customers. My job pretty much means I'm on the phone all day long, but sometimes I still have problems with people's voices. Mid-morning, a person calls in to ask about DreamWeaver. I put them on hold, I go to look up something, and then pick up the phone again "Ma'am?" (more manly voice this time) "Yes Miss?" "Oh, no, I'm sorry sir. I'm really having problems hearing today." I still don't really have a clue if that person was a female smoker in her fifties or a young man with high voice.

And then I think I might have annoyed a nun when I called her Ms. instead of Miss or Sister.

It's been a fun week all around. Yesterday, it was wrong numbers on file and hard of hearing people.
me:"Hello, may I speak to Mr. Barclay?" (not the real name).
Voice on Phone: "Why yes, yesterday was my birthday. How did you know?"
me: "I don't know ma'am. Is there a Bob Barclay there?"
Voice: "No, you must have the wrong number. But how did you know it was my birthday?"
me: "I'm sorry, ma'am. Have a nice evening."
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